Sunday, January 6, 2008

Brokerage charges - US

Here is a compilation of local brokerages f0r charges to transact shares in the US market.

Note that if there is no charges, I would explicitly mention as no charge. Also some brokerages do not mention the other charges like custody, corporate interest and dividend interest charges from their respective websites, so I did not mention them. The information listed here serves as a rough guide to all the charges but you might need to refer to individual websites to know in greater detail.

I have uploaded the compilation into a word document. I would appreciate if anyone can complete the missing information. Click here to download.

Citibank US fees

DBS Vickers
DBS Vickers US fees
Custody Charges
No charge

Custody and Corporate Interest Charges
POEMS US custody and corporate interest charges
Dividend Interest Charges
POEMS US dividend interest charges
Lim & Tan
Lim & Tan US fees
Custody Charges
Lim & Tan US custody charges
Dividend Interest Charges
Lim & Tan US dividend interest charges
UOB Kay Hian
UOB Kay Hian US fees

Kim Eng
Kim Eng US fees
Custody Charges
Kim Eng US cutody charges

DMG & Partners
DMG & Partners US fees
Custody Charges
DMG & Partners US custody charges


Anonymous said...

Is there mistakes in the commission for UOBKH, POEMS etc

Mike Dirnt said...

Thanks for highlighting. You are right. I have updated accordingly