Saturday, January 5, 2008

Brokerage charges - SG

I have compiled a list of charges among various brokerages in Singapre. They are the cost to transact shares in our local market only. Looks like Citibank offers the lowest minimum commission charge among all. It is good for small investment amout.

The other common charges that include Clearing Fees, SGX Trading Access Fee and GST are at the bottom of the list.

Citibank SG fees

DBS Vickers (Non-advisory)
DBS Vickers SG fees

POEMS (SGD Settlement)

Lim & Tan SG fees

UOB Kay Hian SG fees

Kim Eng SG fees

iOCBC SG fees

AmFraser (Online / Phone)
amFraser SG fees

DMG & Partners
DMG & Partners SG fees

Other Charges for SG Market
1. Clearing Fee of 0.04% charged by CDP on the contract value, subject to a maximum of S$600
2. SGX Trading Access Fee of 0.0075% charged by SGX on the contract value
3. Prevailing GST applies to the brokerage rates, CDP Clearing Fee and SGX Trading Access Fee


Anonymous said...

This is good reference for local Market. It will bo good if there is also a comparsion for US market commission charges.

Levin said...

AmFraser has lower internet rates for 50k and lower at 0.275%. 100k at 0.2% and above 100k at 0.18%. Min contract rate is however $25, which is higher than citibank.

Anonymous said...

i heard saxo is no 7% gst

Mike Dirnt said...

hi guys. thanks for the comments. pls provide the source for verifcation. especially AmFraser. i am not able to easily find their main website. that is to say, AmFraser is not eastablished?

Mike Dirnt said...

ok found AmFraser and updated!

Roy said...

Lim and Tan seems to be the cheapest leh. can any one comment?

Anonymous said...

I have a query - which company offers trading and quotes via mobile phone - and usingn which mobile phone?

I heard that OCBC has some solid phone banking and stock trading things. True?

Mike Dirnt said...

you might want to check poems and dmg. they support mobile trading. i have tried on N80 and sony ericsson p1i. basically any hp that can support wifi is preferred.

im not sure about OCBC though. i dont have account with them.