Thursday, January 24, 2008

How to check regional PE

Some investors might be interested to know regional or country value of Price to Earnings (PE) ratio before investing in the region. I will show you how you can check PE for the following regions:

Daily update of US PE (unavailable, read comments for update)
Click TOOLS & RESEARCH from left menu
Click Quotes and Advanced Charting
Select S&P500 (SPX: CBOE)
Find Price / Earnings ratio from the summary

Monthly update of woldwide PE
Go to Fundsupermart website
Under Market Updates, click "To view Overall Market Summary and Earnings Growth Forecast"
Following regional PE ratios are listed in the summary:

USA (S&P 500)
Europe (DJ Stoxx 50)
Japan (Nikkei 225)*
Emerging Markets (MSCI EM)
Asia ex Japan (MSCI Asia ex Japan)
Singapore (STI)
Hong Kong (HSI)
Taiwan (Taiwan Weighted)
South Korea (KOSPI)
China (HS Mainland Composite Index)+
Malaysia (KLCI)
Thailand (SET Index)
India (SENSEX)*
NASDAQ 100 (Technology Heavy)

Latest update of STI PE
My own calculation of STI PE ratio

I hope the above information is useful to some newbie investors. If you do have alternative or better source of information, please share me the link.


yangae said...

Thanks very much, Mike. I appreciate your sharing of information. Still in search of a daily update of worldwide PE especially, STI. Will revert if I find it.


Mike Dirnt said...

it seems that etrade has removed the daily update of S&P500 pe ratio. You can still rely on the monthly update by FSM or retrieve a quarterly update from S&P itself

1) visit
2) choose United States from the list on the left menu
3) under major indices, choose S&P500
4) from default "Data" tab, choose "Earnings"
5) click S&P 500 Historical Average Price to Earnings Ratio

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike,
Your blog is very informative and I like it. But may I know how to find P/E for Singapore stocks??

Mike Dirnt said...

there is a link there to find PE of singapore stocks

Anonymous said...

Hi, can anyone share where to find PE and PB ratio by sector and by country, for example, what is PE of Singapore technology stocks?