Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Funds transfer: Xtra$aver -> Step-up account

I know many readers are having a problem doing funds transfer from Xtra$aver to their Step-up account through AXS machine. Initially I got a hard time figuring out on how to do it and a few failed transactions resulted. But this morning, I managed to successfully make a transfer. I will post the steps required for the transfer. I shall not reveal too much on the benefits of this transfer as I am yet to verify its outcome. You can read more from the comments on my previous post.

  1. From AXS main menu, choose Finance
  2. Click on Citibank
  3. Click on Citibank S$ Checking / Savings Account
  4. Accept the notice you see. Note you can only do a maximum transfer of $2000 per day
  5. Enter your 10 digits Step-up account number. You can get the account number on your bank statement. For example, mine is 0516XXXX01
  6. Enter the amount you wish to transfer
  7. Choose NETS and insert Xtra$aver card
  8. Choose Current Account. It will fail if you choose Savings Account
  9. Enter your 5 digits ATM pin

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