Thursday, April 3, 2008

Do you oggi?

Being financially savvy means you are able to minimise on unnecessary costs, look out and execute good buying opportunities and constantly upgrade one’s financial knowledge.

Personally, I am always interested to know what the best credit card offers available in town are. In the past, I will pour over various websites, sometimes in vain. Thanks to oggi, now you don’t have to scurry around. With this Singapore’s first one-stop shopping promotions guide, it really helps to save my time browsing the web.

In the screenshot below, you can view all available promotions by category on the left and the latest promotions on the middle of the website. Browse each category and you can see a whole bunch of promotions.

Another interesting feature that I like is the sms search function. While you are outside and without internet access, for example, you can search from oggi promotion database for any food that you are craving for. Send your keyword to 8222 9898 and oggi will cook something up for your taste buds.

So spend your money wisely, oggi now!


Verbatin said...


thanks. quite a good website to look for special discount

Mike Dirnt said...

yes i hope it gets updated frequently and complete.