Saturday, May 17, 2008

Citibank Ready Credit ATM promotion

I am sure many Citibank customers are aware of an ongoing promotion by Citibank to celebrate their Ready Credit 20th anniversary. During month of May and June, if you maintain an average debit balance of $1000 and make three ATM withdrawals of at least $500, you can stand to earn $50 cash rebates each month.

On top of the cash rebates mentioned above, you can receive an additional S$20 cash rebate if the ATM ID stated on your ATM slip displays the digit combinations X20X or XX20. For further information, you can read at Citibank website.

I appreciate if you can share your findings of the different ATM ID in the comments. Good Luck!


Mike Dirnt said...

Let me start the ball rolling. Please do share. Thanks

Negative ATM ID=20 at the following:
Citibank Toa Payoh mrt
Citibank Toa Payoh above mrt
Citibank Novena mrt
Citibank Yishun mrt

Mike Dirnt said...

Posted by visionary
Negative ATM ID=20 at the following:
Citibank Clementi mrt
Citibank AMK mrt
Citibank AMK hub

Posted by Verbatin
Negative ATM ID=20 at the following:
Yew Tee ATM5

keith: I've covered raffles/citihall/orchard/somerset/dobhygaut/tiongbahru/redhill/tangs/paragon

Come one guys maybe should try other ATM5 network as well :)

keith said...

I've a conspiracy theory , maybe the citibank people are sending us on a wild goose chase, just to drum up the queue infront of their ATMs... haha perhaps they are competing with DBS for the longest ATM queues...

BTW Eplanade and milliena walk ATMs are negative as well

Mike Dirnt said...

keith maybe you are right :). nobody knows unless you are a citibank staff. i can bet there are only a few ATM machine with that id.

by the way today i tried again at the Citibank ATM at Toa Payoh mrt. I missed that one because i didnt know that machine can withdraw money. i mean it is the machine that can deposit cash as well.

i tried on both Maybank ATM5 at toa payoh hdb hub.

All negative!

Brendan said...

Be careful about using Citibank facility. Banking analyst Meredith Whitney blasted Citigroup's turnaround plan, saying the financial giant is so deep in a black hole that even renown physicist Stephen Hawking could not help the ailing company.

Mike Dirnt said...

hi brendan, that is nonsense. citi US got nothing to do with citibank asia. in fact, most of the growth are coming from asia. the US counterpart is causing the deep shit.

so i dont see any reason why one should stop using citibank.

Mike Dirnt said...

Citibank Admiralty also negative.

Just a finding. I believe the mystery ID only refers to Citibank ATM. Because i have tried at SCB, Maybank, HSBC ATM and only Maybank is using XXXX atm id format. The SCB and HSBC ATM ID is NOT in XXXX format.

visionary said...

tried outram mrt and bugis mrt. both -ve.

Finding Mr Lazy said...

*phew* how much transportation fees you fellow had rack up when testing these ATMs huh?

maybe someone should try capital square or telepark @ tampines

the "no cash advance fees" only applies during this promotional period? there got to be a catch somewhere .... hmmmm

Mike Dirnt said...

durio of course we wont waste transport just to try the ATM islandwide. those ATM are on our way to work, leisure, shopping, etc. thats the purpose of sharing here. :)

if you maintain debit balance of $1k. you need to pay interest $15 but the rewards are enough to cover the interest. try it out!

Verbatin said...

shd tried out the ATM located in the branch itself.

i am going to try out the branch located at Jurong East CPF building - of course on my way going home from office to home

Mike Dirnt said...

wah verbatin everyday you travel from Jurong to Hougang?

Verbatin said...


yes used to the travelling distance

today tried the Citi ATM at funan centre and cityhall (wasnt aware city hall has been tried by one of the guys here). both negative

Ku said...

Hi folks, the $50 rebate for the month of May is finally credited today. :D

Mike Dirnt said...

thanks Ku,

i need to wait another month for the june promotio. :(