Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Most effective method to increase credit limit

If you follow my earlier posts, you will know the benefits of a POSB and DBS credit card. Of which one of them is I have been earning interest on my credit limit balance.

Previously my request to increase the credit limit was rejected when I submitted the request together with my monthly pay slip.

One day I met a nice credit card consultant who came in my company during one of the POSB/DBS credit card road shows. I asked him to why my request was rejected. He explained to me the best supporting document is the IRAS statement. Adhering to what he said and as soon as I received the latest IRAS statement, I requested a credit limit increase and sent together with the statement as a supporting document.

To my surprise, I just checked my account and the limit was indeed raised by 60%! Now I can potentially earn more interest with the higher credit limit.

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