Thursday, June 19, 2008

Lim & Tan offers mobile trading

Lim & Tan has just launched another new feature into their platform. It now supports mobile trading. Good news for Lim & Tan users who are not always at their computer but still wishes to carry out an online trade in the market. They can still trade while on the move as long as their mobile phones have access to the internet.

Currently any mobile phones with Symbian operating system are supported to use Lim & Tan mobile trading software. Below is a list of mobile phones that are supported:

O2: XDA 2
Dopod: D810
Nokia: 3230 / 6280 / 6300 / E61 / N91
Palm: Treo 650
Sony Ericsson: K700i / K750i / K800i
Motorola: E398 / L6 / RAZR V3

I am surprised that my Sony Ericsson P1i is not listed in there. But in the guide, it is mentioned to choose a compatible phone if not listed. I shall do a test when I have an opportunity tomorrow.

To promote the launch of this mobile trading feature, Lim & Tan has given first 3 trades free of commission charges if executed before 29 Aug 2008. For more details, you can refer to Lim & Tan website.

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