Monday, July 7, 2008

Online advertising with Advertlets

Scam alert! Read comments. Proof

Stories of bloggers earning income from the internet first came to my attention a few years ago. At that time I thought it was not real so I did not care to give a try. Then back in December 2007, I decided to set up a blog to chronicle my investment journey in stocks and to share investments related knowledge that I learn so far. Since I have already put up a blog, I decided might as well I sign up with online advertising companies to earn income along the way.

If readers think that I can earn big money from this blog, let me say that it is not true. The income earned so far is not huge but it is good enough to pay for my monthly internet bills :). Therefore earning revenue through online advertising is a REAL thing.

There is no doubt that the best source of revenue (probably for everyone else too) is from Google Adsense. But I am really proud that we have neighbouring advertising companies reaching out to fellow bloggers from Singapore and Malaysia as well.

When I first started this blog, I put up Advertisement Units (AUs) from Advertlets and Nuffnang alongside each other. Comparing those two, I must say that I am impressed with the earnings from Advertlets.

At one point of time in February after running this blog for two months, my earnings with Advertlets were some amount which I can’t remember but Nuffnang was still a big fat ZERO. I was disappointed and thus decided to remove Nuffnang out of this blog from then onwards.

The thing I like about Advertlets is the cost per impression. Even though no one clicks your AU, you are rest assured to earn some pennies based on any impressions you have for the day. Unlike Adsense, you need to reach a thousand impressions just to earn some pennies.

Below is a screenshot of my daily earnings with Advertlets. As you can see from the total at the end of the day, I earn some amount each day as long as I have visitors; no matter what the number of visitors is. The earnings are not too bad after all. It is better than not earning anything which may happen with other advertising companies on some of my unlucky days.

Screenshot of Advertlets earnings
Earnings are in Malaysian ringgit cents

Moving into future, I really would like to see Advertlets come up with text based AUs instead of just graphic based AUs. This could probably target more advertisers who may prefer other form of advertisement space. I believe text based AUs can also target those smaller advertisers who are concerned about cost but are contented to advertise on smaller spaces.

I am really keen to see more good features from Advertlets in future and I do hope they can make a big impact for online advertising in Asia just like what Adsense achieves in global online advertising.


Ku said...

Hi Mike, many thanks for sharing this with us. Hmm... time to set up my own blog as well? :)

Mike Dirnt said...

Hi Ku,

i thought you already have one? time for you to update.

If you like the idea of earning a passive income, all you need to do is pen down any of your favourite topics in a blog and monetise it with AUs.

then when you have the topics, next you need to generate traffic. not so easy but if you do out of interests, it pays off. if you are solely looking for income, then you might be disappointed.

You may not become an internet millionaire but the experience can be a rewarding one not only in terms of monetary, but the knowledge that you can learn and share with your readers.

I must say I have learn from regular readers of this blog like you, Verbatin, La Papillion, Durio, Cyke and others through exchange of ideas :)

ku said...

Thanks Mike once again. Yeah, I do own a blog but it was really never updated, haha. Your post has given me some motivation to get my lazy bones to work on it again. Wait... I don't even remember my own blog address now! LOL :P

Mike Dirnt said...

Ku you got to be kidding. lol

here is your own blog. :P

btw my friend says he got some breakthrough in affiliate marketing. can read his stories at

Ku said...

Wah.. Mike, you even bookmarked my pathetic blog, I am flattered but also embarassed, haha :P
Thanks for providing the link to your friend's blog. At one time I was really into Interet Marketing stuff but I was overwhelmed by the loads of information and didn't really know how and where to start. In the end, I procrastinated and just let my blog "rot". Would really like to start a similar blog like yours one day. :)

Finding Mr Lazy said...

mike, it really difficult takes alot of effort & network socializing to earn top dollars. i could think spending more time to improve on trade seems better.

Macquarie warrant having contest with $20K prize, maybe u like to check out?

Mike Dirnt said...

@Ku yes alot of information to digest :P

thats why i didnt do internet marketing. that friend sent me the materials to learn but i havent open them. if you want i can forward to you.

@durio, yes it takes alot of effort. but if you do out of interests, you wont get disappointed even if the reward is small. but reward on knowledge is priceless

thanks for the link.

Mike Dirnt said...

Hi guys,

just to update, i have temporarily removed advertlets from this site. Reason is i have not received my payout since Aug! i have contacted Josh a few times regarding my payout but always end up with empty promises.

this serves as a warning or alert for those who wish to consider advertlets!

as a proof, i have captured a screenshot of my advertlets to show the unpaid earnings to date.

i am very disappointed with advertlets. i should have never trusted them at the first place because i do hear they got a problem with issuing of earnings. but i just gave shot and now i regret