Thursday, August 14, 2008

Average daily calculator

I am sure many of us do have an account with Standard Chartered Xtrasaver or do participate in Citibank brokerage promotions. The above mentioned account or promotion requires us to monitor our average daily balance so as to qualify for the rebates. Failure to meet the requirement means you can say goodbye to the potential rebates.

I have been monitoring these daily balances on an Excel spreadsheet. Every time I need to do a calculation for a new month, I need to rewrite the functions to calculate the average. Therefore I decided to automate and make life easier in future.

With this new spreadsheet, now I just need to enter the daily balances at end of day and the particular month I am interested to compute. So I don’t need to check how many days are there in that month and I don’t need to rewrite the average function again. The file is actually a very simple practice in excel but I thought of sharing it for the benefits of some people.

If you are interested, you may download this average daily calculator from the link.

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