Saturday, August 30, 2008

Dollardex performance and charts feature

Even though I don’t have an account with Dollardex, I really like to use the performance and charts feature from their website. I prefer its feature to Fundsupermart fund returns or chart center features. So whenever I need to compare performance and charts among various unit trusts, I will go to Dollardex website.

Picture of Dollardex performance and charts
The picture above shows a user friendly menu consisting of a wide selection of options that you can choose if you wish to compare unit trusts. You can view chart, price and performance of unit trusts up to the past ten years if available.

An interesting tool that I like most is the ability to display risk-adjusted returns denoted by Sharpe ratio and monthly volatility of a fund. Thus you can make use of the available data as an aid in your funds selection process. This can help investors to save time if they wish to find out the Sharpe ratio and volatility of a fund.

You can explore more on Dollardex performance and charts feature from the attached link. It is good if Dollardex can add the other technical risk ratios like alpha, beta, standard deviation and R-squared of a fund. They are useful statistical measurements used in modern portfolio theory (MPT) that can help investors find out the fund’s risk reward profile.

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