Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Error with CBOX message box (Updated)

Recently I did an upgrade on the message box that you see above. Since I am paying for the message box service, rest assured there won’t be anymore pop-ups advertisement in the future.
However after I did the upgrade, some visitors have encountered error in displaying the message box. I am aware of that as I myself do encounter it once in a while. I am not sure what the problem is but I have already contacted the CBOX support centre.

In the mean time, may I suggest you do the following steps:

1) If you see the refresh button in the message box, please do click that to refresh
2) Try to clear the cache of your browser, close the browser and reload the browser
3) Try visiting this blog by the full url with www:

Hope that it helps temporarily while I wait for a permanent solution. By the way, please direct all related feedbacks on the message box to the comment of this post. Thanks for the feedback from some of you guys.


ku said...

Good morning Mike, yeah, clicking the refresh helps :)

Ku said...

Oh but cannot input messages as the 2nd row of the Cbox is totally blank after clicking the refresh.
I tried also clicking the refresh in my browser and the whole Error message came out again. Argh!

banyan said...

I can't see the refresh button nor any message on my home PC and office PC. Both IE7 and FF3 are negative. I am not better off after restarting the browser.

Mike Dirnt said...

oh so FFR3 browser are also having problem.

i thought only on IE7. be patient pls. thanks

the cbox support still havent contact me. :(