Monday, September 29, 2008

Review on ST701 Property website

I won’t be surprised if many people including me are not aware the presence of one of the biggest local classifieds on the internet. I came across ST701 website long time ago but only began to register recently when I saw an offer to write a sponsored post about them.

If you are wondering what does ST701 stands for, ST is an abbreviation which is taken from The Straits Times which is an identity of Singapore Press Holdings national English newspaper. The numbers 701 symbolises a search experience of 7 days a week at the 01 place that a user may get. ST701 has a long history of establishments as far as 1969 and its milestones can be summarised by the following picture:

ST701 milestones

That is so much on the introduction of ST701. Now I am going to write a short review of one of its section that is ST701 Property website.

After browsing for some time, I am impressed with the website which is apart from being an advertising portal; it does provide useful information for buyers or sellers to find out everything about Singapore real estate. For example, it is on one of the “Useful Links” shortcut from the website that I am able to find the following chart from URA:

URA Residential price index by type

From an investor point of view, the chart can give a feel of the overall price index of property in Singapore by type. After a fast ran up of prices in 2006 and 2007, now prices seem to slow down or flat. Whether the prices will start a u-turn downwards is anyone guesses. But in my opinion, it may remain flat for some time like in post 2003 before it starts to go up again as land is scarce in Singapore and population is set to increase in future.

If you are planning to sell your HDB or private property, ST701 is a good place to advertise your offer. Simply register a free account with them and follow ST701 step-by-step guide to advertise your property. With their basic package, you are able to advertise your property for free up to duration of 14 days. For longer durations, you may refer to the following charges:

ST701 Property transient ad type

Another useful feature on the website is the “Just Ask” section. You may post any property related questions there and someone who has the answer can just reply to that post. It is actually an alternative to forum threads style. From the posts that I see, there are more questions asked than answers rendered and some of the answers are infested with agents trying to sell their services. Maybe ST701 can employ a neutral person to help answer some these questions.

In overall, ST701 Property is definitely one of the recommended one stop solutions for all your property needs. There is a thing that can be improved from ST701 Property website especially the interaction section. I am sure people are also interested to find answers to their questions rather than for the sake of advertising only. In my opinion, there could have been better interactions among different people if the "Just Ask" section is converted into a forum instead.

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