Friday, October 17, 2008

Making small but easy money

It has been more than 10 months after the initial creation of this blog. Through those months, I have learned and shared a lot of tips and tricks on how to gain or maximise monetary rewards through credit cards. Thanks to fellow old timers like Ku and Verbatin, we have exchanged great pieces of information.

Now I am glad to say that I am at least a few hundred bucks richer every month from this blog. Take note the headline of this post. It reads small but easy money. I dare to say no risk at all as I am confident of what I am doing. Surely some people can make big money but of course with substantial risks at stake.

Some people are afraid to hold multiple cards and to sign up for personal lines of credit as they think they may spend more. The notion is not true if you know how to make good use of them to earn maximum rewards. Take for example the article which I posted on redeeming brokerage fees. If you are smart enough, you don’t even need to buy any shares but you can still earn from the rebates.

In this small community, we discuss on how to earn money through credit card promotions and such. I wouldn’t want to replace the word such with loopholes as all of them are legal acts that you can carry out.

Most of the tips and tricks are already posted in the articles of this blog. I don't think I need to mention again on the benefits as you can read them for yourselves. You may also want to read through the comments to find out more. As certain things are better not published to the public, we tend to discuss in the CBOX chat instead to keep a low profile on those tips and tricks.

The CBOX chat that you see at the top of this blog is a paid service subscribed by me. So I hope fellow visitors can utilise on its features. If you are new, please join the discussion and share anything you think that can be monetarily rewarding to all of us. A golden rule of being financially healthy is maximising source of income and minimising spending. Therefore only through sharing and learning, we can improve that financial standing.

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