Thursday, November 27, 2008

Cards in my wallet now

Since I posted my first article on maximizing credit card rebates, I have constantly looked into optimizing my card combinations. I wish to select the best combination of cards to use based on my lifestyle and spending habits that can yield the highest in terms of cash rebates. I am a practical person so I prefer to use cards that give cash rebates than reward points or KrisFlyer miles.

I decided to make some changes and have chosen the following cards for my future transactions. These are the only cards apart from the ATM cards that make way into my wallet.

Credit/Debit CardUsageCash RebatesRemarks
UOB OneEzlink and phone, cable, internet bills3.33%based on $30 per quarter rebate for $300 monthly spending
SCB XtrasaverEzlink and miscellaneous2%
OCBC FairPrice PlusNTUC FairPrice1.33% (effective)based on $1 spent = 2 linkpoints and 150 linkpoints conversion = $1
Maybank Family & FriendsNTUC FairPrice Xtra5%

My monthly total expenses are around $300 to $500. Therefore I have consolidated all of my bills to be charged under UOB One credit card. Since I have a Sony Pasori card reader, I manage to achieve exactly close but above $300 of bills for UOB One. My ezlink expenses are either charged under UOB One or Standard Chartered Xtrasaver cards. Therefore I am more flexible in achieving that minimum $300 goal. Only by this way, I am able to maximize the rebates from UOB One credit card.

I buy most of my groceries and household items from NTUC store that is nearby my house. My parents have higher expenses than me so all this while they have been holding on to my NTUC membership card to be scanned for Linkpoints. That is why previously I am not able to earn Linkpoints when I shop at NTUC store. Now I intend to use the OCBC FairPrice credit card to pay for my future marketing stuffs. But whenever I pass by NTUC Xtra, I intend to use the Maybank Family & Friends credit card which gives a higher rebate.

At the moment, I am happy with such combination of cards. Until I find a better combination, I will stick to such arrangement for now. If you have better suggestions, please do share your thoughts.


paul said...


I am quite a "card" person myself.

Currently I own these cards - citibank-smrt, uob-now, hsbc.

I try to get cards that give a combi of cash rebates as well as rewards that i use. But more, i try to get a all-rounder so i get discounts almost everywhere i go.

I think i save on discounts more than on rebates.

Thanks for the post!

Mike Dirnt said...

thanks Paul,

i have terminated the Citibank smrt as i dont find it useful for my level of spending. even the ezlink is crap, there is a fee for top up. im better off with UOB one

UOB now? thanks i will check that one

Zzz said...

Think he is refering to uob-one :P