Sunday, December 7, 2008

Capital Plus policy from NTUC Income

I received an email from one of my Independent Financial Advisors (IFAs) regarding Capital Plus policy that is going to be launched by NTUC Income. Basically it is a single premium endowment plan with just a short term tenure but with high guaranteed return.

So if you guys are interested, please contact any FA or IFA from NTUC Income. Or you may choose to go to the nearest NTUC Income Business Center to apply. Remember the application is for a short term period only and NTUC Income may choose to stop taking in new applicants as soon as they reach their target.

Below are the features about this endowment plan:
  • Single premium with two years maturity plan
  • Guaranteed return of 2% pa if held till maturity
  • Protection against death or TPD
  • Non-participating policy
  • Can use cash & SRS
  • Minimum single premium is $30,000 (in the multiples of $5,000)
  • Only open to existing NTUC Income policyholders


Mike Dirnt said...
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Mike Dirnt said...

Capital Plus is now open to non NTUC Income policyholder and the minimum is now $10,000