Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Daily news - 3 Dec

SingTel's satellite contract goes to Mitsubishi Electric
Singapore Telecommunications has awarded a $200 million contract for building its new communications satellite to Japan's Mitsubishi Electric Corporation. SingTel will have a 62 per cent stake in the new ST-2 satellite, with its Taiwanese partner Chunghwa Telecom owning the remainder. Upon delivery in 2010, it will be used to power both fixed and mobile satellite services, as well as a host of other Internet-based applications. These include SingTel's 'Office-At-Sea' solutions, a suite of maritime applications to allow ships to enjoy services such as voice and video calls anywhere in the world. The ST-2 will replace the companies' existing ST-1 satellite, which is due for retirement in 2011. The latter was launched by SingTel and Chunghwa in 1998. ST-2 will occupy the same orbit as its predecessor, but it will offer 'significantly greater capacity as well as wider coverage' by including emerging markets such as the Middle East, SingTel said in a statement. Singapore's largest operator, together with its Australian unit Optus, owns a fleet of six satellites and have access to another 30 around the world.

Source: Kim Eng

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