Friday, December 19, 2008

Login problem with Maybank IB

It has been nearly a month since I got the Maybank Family & Friends and eCard credit cards. As an eCard holder, you will automatically register for accessibility to an Internet Banking (IB). After receiving those IB details, I was curious to login to check for my $100 rebates.

However to my disappointment, I have to spend almost the whole day troubleshooting my failed IB login. Maybank just don’t allow me to login as the input boxes are grayed out. You simply can’t type anything to continue the login.

My current browser is IE 7.0 and at the first time of login, my java was installed with JRE version 1.6 update 10. I have installed the latest JRE version 1.6 update 11 but still it does not work! I called the customer support and the standared advices given are already done by me. The customer support told me that the latest version 1.6 update 11 should work and suggested me to reinstall again. I almost giving up Maybank as reinstallation does not work too.

I am confident that there shouldn’t be any problem with my computer as I have never encountered such login problems with other banks. On the last attempt, I decided to install an older JRE version 1.6 update 7. Finally it works!

Luckily after going through those frustrations, I checked that $100 was credited into my account. So if ever you have login problem with Maybank IB under IE 7.0, I suggest you install version 1.6 update 7 or older. I think Maybank IB may not be supported on the latest Java version and I hope they fix this problem soon.


Anonymous said...

You are asking for trouble using Internet Explorer to do sensitive financials. It is highly recommended to use a safer browser.

Mike Dirnt said...

i think you are a bit prejudiced against IE? i agree IE may not be the best browser out there but I havebeen using IE since i started internet and i think im quite happy with it

as for the security issue, we have a 2nd layer of security that is the 2FA login. so what is there to be afraid of?

Mike Dirnt said...

just to update.

i tried uninstalling JRE 1.6 update 7 and installed update 11. out for 5 attempts to load Maybank IB website, only 2 times i am able to proceed. The input boxes just grayed out in the other 3 times

i have decided to revert back to update 7 for the time being

take note i have already updated my IE 7.0 with all the latest critical patches

la papillion said...


They rejected my application for the card. My gf's one too.

I basically screwed the relationship manager upside down, but no means no. No reasons given too.

Anonymous said...

Mine is sometimes grayed out also. Just have to click the refresh button a couple of times.


Anonymous said...


Anyone having problems with the eCard at Sentosa Coffeebean?

It seems that coffeebean staff there are not aware that eCard is entitled to $1 regular/ large ice blended. Made me look like an alien there.

Email to coffeebean twice to complain and still no reply. zzzzzzzzz.

Mike Dirnt said...

LP i think you are just unlucky. you are not alone to be rejected. i guess they have to keep their application process stringent due to credit crisis and overwhelming responses. dont worry you got other cards to choose from :)

to the anonymous, may i know what is the JRE version you using? yes refreshing does work but its irritating. update 7 seems to work perfectly. i got no problem with other banks! i have feedbacked to Maybank and lets see their reply

regarding the coffee bean, i suggest you print out the promo and show to their manager?! you should check with maybank if the promo is expired

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike,

I am using 1.6.0_11. Sometimes it loads ok, sometimes just need a couple of refresh.

The eCard benefits at coffeebean are ongoing, and not a limited time promotion. The benefits are just like the sentosa islander card.

Seems like there are not many eCard users at Sentosa Coffeebean, that the staff there don't even recognise the card.

Mike Dirnt said...

i have note even tried to go sentosa yet. pls update if there is any email from coffeebean. thanks

Anonymous said...