Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Time table for Capitaland RIGHTS

Thanks to an email from my remisier, I get to see a time table in summary for Capitaland rights issue. You might want to take note of those dates if you wish exercise your entitlement for this stock.

09-Feb-09 Announce right issue and notice of book closure date
13-Feb-09 Receive approval-in-principle from SGX-ST and confirm book closure date
16-Feb-09 Lodge OIS with the MAS
18-Feb-09 Last day of cum-rights trading
19-Feb-09 Shares trade ex-rights
23-Feb-09 Book closure date
26-Feb-09 Commencement of trading of "nil-paid" rights
06-Mar-09 Last date for trading of "nil-paid" rights and splitting of rights
12-Mar-09 Last date for acceptance of rights shares and application for excess rights shares
23-Mar-09 Expected date of commencement of trading of rights shares

Also included below is a time table in summary for one of its subsidiary CapitaMall Trust.

09-Feb-09 Announcement of rights issue
28-Feb-09, 2:30 pm Last date and time to lodge proxy forms
02-Mar-09, 2:30 pm EGM
Subject to EGM approval and announcement of Rights Issue Books Closure Date (as defined below):
03-Mar-09 Last day of "cum-rights' trading for rights issue
04-Mar-09 First day of "ex-rights" trading for rights issue
06-Mar-09 Rights issue book closure date
11-Mar-09 Commencement of "nil-paid" rights trading period
19-Mar-09 Last day of "nil-paid" rights trading period
25-Mar-09 Last day of the rights issue
02-Apr-09 Issue of rights units
03-Apr-09 Commencement of trading of the rights units on the SGX-ST

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