Monday, March 30, 2009

Capitacomm green annual report

I have a substantial number of stocks in my portfolio. When comes around this month of the year, my mail box will be dumped with many annual reports. I try to make a point to flip through some of them but I definitely won’t be able to read every single page. It will be a miracle if I can read everything as I am not an avid book reader.

I think the most interesting part in receiving these reports is to make a comparison in which company has the best and creative presentation with their annual report. Recently to my surprise, I received a small package from Capitacomm which includes a Compact Disc (CD) and a letter. In the CD, it has both the full and summary annual reports in Adobe format.

I see it as a good initiative by the company to go green and at the same time saves on printing costs. There is no doubt that you can download those files from SGX or Capitacomm own website but by distributing the CD I still feel respected and honored being a shareholder of the company.

I believe not many investors can keep those bulky annual reports for many years especially if they hold several stocks or have sold them off in the future. Therefore in order to be more environmentally friendly, I hope the other companies can follow suit especially during times like now when costs need to be minimised. Of course investors should be given the option to receive future annual reports in hard copies as well.

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