Monday, May 25, 2009

Incomeshield upgrade (NO underwriting)

I received this piece of news on email from a fellow Financial Advisor that NTUC Income is offering policyholders to upgrade their Incomeshield plan to a higher plan with NO underwriting. You are eligible for the upgrade if you meet the following criteria:

a. Age of next birthday below 30 years old and with no past health insurance claim record
b. On standard Incomeshield plans (Plan Basic, Plan Advantage or Plan Preferred)
c. Covered as standard life with no exclusion and no special loading imposed due to pre-existing conditions

The dateline for the upgrading option is open till 5th June 2009. For existing policyholders with Assist or Plus riders who are opting for the upgrade, the same riders will be upgraded accordingly.


Anonymous said...

I read it in ST too..only for the first year is i am not wrong

Mike Dirnt said...

sorry not complete information. its only for upgrading of non-enhanced plan to enhanced plan