Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Lim & Tan promotion

Introduce A Friend promotion extended till 31 March 2009

Just recently my online cash trading account with Lim & Tan was credited with $118. I am an NTUC union member and thus participated in the Lim & Tan NTUC Union promotion when I opened a trading account with them. The cash rebate is equivalent to having four free trades. In order to enjoy the cash rebate, you simply need to do four trades within six months of your account opening.

There is also an ongoing promotion called Member-Introduce-Member program (MIMP) by Lim & Tan. There are incentives for both the referral and new member upon successful opening of trading account. You can read more about this program from their website. If anyone is interested to open an account with them and wishes to have me as a referral, please do contact me. :)

Article was originally posted on 22 May 2008


ngee said...

Hi mike, thks for your reply on my qn regarding ez-link yesterday!
Yup i am interested in having you as my referral for opening of Lim & Tan account. So how shall we go about doing it? Will you be able to send me your completed referral form? thks!

Mike Dirnt said...

lol thanks for the interest. i have already emailed you

for those who are interested, can email me your full name and address. i will get my remisier to send you the application forms

FYI promotion is valid till 31 Dec 2008

Mike Dirnt said...

FYI promotion is extended till 31 March 2009.

Interested applicants can email or leave me a comment here. I will get my remisier to send you the application forms

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike,

Just want to ask if you know any brokerage system that allows you to see the live prices without having you to keep logging in even when you are idle ?

Anonymous said...

Hi can email me the details , Would like the referral .

Mike Dirnt said...

redsun pls check your email. thanks

about the live prices, you need to understand the rational of automatic logout if idling. its a bandwidth saving feature. imagine if someone logged in but stay idle for so long, the connection is hogged and causes unnecessary traffic. so the only way to prevent this problem is to automatically logout when idle. another reason is also for security

i believe there is no such brokerage that will do such a thing but do share if you found one :)

Redsuns said...

Theres is application which does that. My PC at company uses Reuters 3000 Xtra and Telekurs ID. Of course, at a premium of more than 1.5k per month

Mike Dirnt said...

oh i see. but anything that is free, will not be advantageous :)

by the way, has my remisier contacted you? he will send you the application forms

RedSuns said...

Yes, thanks for it.

Or do you know any application that allows you to see prices without the auto log out features