Thursday, May 1, 2008

Pay Singapore Pools with credit card

Let me share a piece of good news for hardcore Singapore Pools fans. You can effectively pay your bets with a credit card when you go down to Singapore Pools. All you need is an EZ-Link and pay your bets with the EZ-Link.

If you read my previous article on the benefits of EZ-Link with UOB One card, you can see that payment by EZ-Link is accepted at the Singapore Pools branches. So that is a useful feature you can take advantage of.

But first of all you need to link your EZ-Link to a Visa credit card by setting up an auto top-up instruction. You can refer to EZ-Link website on how to set it up. Important point to take note is that the maximum top-up is only at $50. There are also convenience fees of $0.02 for each EZ-Link payment and $0.25 for each EZ-Link auto top-up.

The other point to note also is you can only pay your bets by EZ-Link if your total betting amount is less than EZ-Link card value. Thus the maximum betting payment per card is $50. To overcome this limitation, you can link up to seven EZ-Links for auto top-up.

If you have already linked your EZ-Link to a Visa credit card, therefore whenever you pay your bets by EZ-Link, you are effectively paying by credit card. Try to link your EZ-Link with a high rewarding credit card so as to offset the convenience fees. Now I am looking forward to pay a visit to Singapore Pools branch when Euro 2008 starts.


Verbatin said...


So u tested. when your EZ link is in small positive amt say $2, you are able to pay for a amt say $10?

admin fee is $0.20 for Sg pools payment by EZ link? thought is $0.02?

Mike Dirnt said...

yes your amount > card value , transaction fails.

as for the admin fee, it was told by a friend. i can confirm again. for NETS is $0.10

Verbatin said...

that mean to use EZ card for Sg pools payment, need to make sure there is sufficient value in the EZ link card?

thought once EZ link card value start to turn negative, u can still use if for Sg pools and the card will auto top up (like the case for SMRT)?

I think is 0.02 cts for sg pools payment. the staff at Sg pools told me.

Mike Dirnt said...

oh my friend told me is $0.20 nevermind i will confirm again

yeah the last time i went Mcdonalds, i cant pay by ezlink when my food amount is more than balance.

Verbatin said...


actually intend to link another EZ link card and let my mum use the link card for Sg pools (she spend quite a bit at Sg pools).

But as you know, the EZ card only auto-top up once it reaches negative amt. that mean my mum cannot use the card as and when she like.

if the value is low, she cannot use it. if she doesnt use it, the value of the card will not drop and the the card will not auto top up.

Mike Dirnt said...

i guess its appropriate for you to do manual top up with sony pasori card reader. :)

i havent try it though as i dont do frequent top-ups. with sony pasori, i heard your top-up is not restricted by any limit and somemore no top-up fees. i will buy it when my top-up frequency increases

Mike Dirnt said...

Verbatin, yes you are right it is $0.02 for EZ-Link payment. for NETS then $0.2

lol dont know why so much difference. even cash card is $0.02

Verbatin said...


Guess I may need to go and buy the Sony Pasori reader.

As i only see my mum every 2-3 day, i need the Sony Pasori reader to top up her EZ link card. That mean i need to link up a few EZ link. Whenever one of the card run low, i will give her the card which has been top up. that i can only do with the card reader

Sam said...

Am I correct to draw these conclusions?

1. Top-up of the EZ link card only occurs when the value is zero or negative.
2. Retail transactions that cause the value to become negative are not allowed.
3. The only time the value can become negative is when taking buses or trains.

I hope EZ link will improve their system in future to allow customers to set their fall-below value for auto top-up.

Mike Dirnt said...

1) yes top up only when it goes negative.
2) yes. amount must be > balance of ezlink
3) you are right.

it shows you understand and read the posts :)

Anonymous said...

where did you get the info on this?

There are also convenience fees of $0.02 for each EZ-Link payment...

i could not find any reference to it on the EZ-Link FAQ page. does it mean that every time i swipe the card, 2 cents will be deducted?

Anonymous said...

i called ezlink to check:

1. other than the 25 cents per top-up, no additional charges will be incurred each time you use the card.

2. you can use the auto credit ezylink card at any qb outlet, not just for transport

3. the ezylink card can only be linked to visa and mastercard

Mike Dirnt said...

the convenience fee you need to check with Singapore pools. not with ezlink