Thursday, January 1, 2009

Guess STI 2008 contest

STI (31 Dec 08) = 1761.56
Winner: bayhub (1580.50)

In order to reward fellow visitors of this blog, I have decided to create a contest and shall give away some cash to one lucky person. All you need to do is guess the STI closing price for the year 2008. Below are the requirements of this contest:

Contest Name: Guess STI 2008 closing price (31 Dec 08)
Prize: $20 cash
Eligibility: Only 1 entry is permitted per person. In order to prevent multiple entries from the same person, you have to submit your guess together with the userid of your local ISP email address. Userid from free email domains like google, hotmail, etc are not allowed! Userid from company emails are also not allowed!
To participate: Submit your guess and userid by replying to the comment at the end of this post. For example if your ISP email address is, leave a comment in the following format:
Failure to follow the desired format shall result in the deletion of your posted comment for cleaning up purposes. You should leave the suffix of your email address to prevent receiving unwanted or spam emails.
Closing date: 2359 of 30 Nov 08 (based on timestamp by google)

Please take note the winner shall be the one that makes the closest guess from the actual closing price of STI at year end. The winner needs to notify me through email with exactly the same userid as registered in the comments. For your information, my email address can be found under my profile on the right side of this blog. If winner is unable to notify me through email by 15 Jan 2009, the prize money shall be given to another winner with the next closest guess.

The prize money shall be transferred through POSB/DBS bank with account number that is to be communicated through email.

Good luck and don't forget to inform your friends to participate!


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Verbatin said...

i do not have a ISP
mine is hotmail/yahoo

STI 1488.88

Mike Dirnt said...

ok verbatin an exception for you. i will consider non ISP email if the response is not overwhelming.

but if its too overwhelming, i cannot consider the userid because i never know if they are truly overwhelming or just multiple entries. not necessarily from you but from others who try to be funny

i have to have some control in place. hope you understand. lets see the response :)

Anonymous said...

STI 1555.99

email me if i am the winner @

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banyan said...

STI 1500

Mike, I didn't realize the lucky draw is hosted by u. I don't have an ISP email. Just participate for fun. :)

cukcuk said...