Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My stocks pick for 2011

Just for the fun of it, I made a bet with newbie and verbatin on the stocks that could potentially outperform in the first half of 2011. The bet has no cash consideration but we are personally vested in those stocks. At the end of June 2011, we shall look at their absoulute returns (excludes FX) base on the agreed initial price set.

My stock, price - Newbie stock, price - Verbatin stock, price
Riverstone, $0.5 - AdvSCT, $0.05 - China Taisan, $0.185
Courage Marine, $0.185 - Dry Ships (Nasdaq), $5.50 - Novo, $0.5

And the result is (edited on 1st July 2011)

StocksInitial Price End Price ReturnAverage
MikeCourage Marine$0.185 $0.150 -18.92%-18.46%
Riverstone$0.500 $0.410 -18.00%
NewbieAdv SCT$0.050 $0.035 -30.00%-26.91%
Dryship (Nasdaq)$5.500 $4.190 -23.82%
VerbatinChina Taisan$0.185 $0.145 -21.62%-23.81%
Novo$0.500 $0.370 -26.00%

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