Friday, December 14, 2012

Funding my leveraged bond portfolio

I have today funded the new account with:

a) USD150,000
b) SGD150,000
c) SGD80,000 (31st December 2012)*
d) SGD200,000 (23rd January 2013)*
e) EUR14,000 (23rd January 2013)*

Once the cheques are cleared, I can conduct my first trades.

To facilitate any future performance tracking, the USD/SGD exchange rate on 14th December 2012 was USD1 to SGD1.2191. The USD/EUR and EUR/SGD exchange rate on 23rd January 2013 was 1.3339 and 1.6363 respectively.

Starting Capital = USD521,393.82 equivalent
Starting Capital = SGD635,773.20 equivalent

As I do not intend to expose myself to any FX risk, I will need to think about how to measure my portfolio performance in the future. It may not be fair to measure my portfolio performance using USD equivalent since I did not convert my SGD cash into USD for investment purposes.

*Mike has kindly agreed to my cash injections in December 2012 and January 2013 counting as my Start Value for performance tracking purposes.

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