Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Newbie's IB Portfolio - Interim February 2014

I have just made significant purchases to my new IB portfolio and I thought I would show how it looks now before the month-end, just in case people would like to follow.

REMINDER: HSBC 8% is going to XD on 26th February, so tonight is the last night to grab it. I managed to grab $45k notional worth at 27.17 yesterday!

So here we go on my new purchases:

6,000 units of 2822 HK at HKD8.51 (I will eventually get rid of this as my intention is for this IB portfolio to be a bond portfolio).
HKD250k notional of HK Government Ibond 2014 at 100.648.
HKD100k notional of HK Government Ibond 2015 at 102.30.
HKD100k notional of HK Government Ibond 2016 at 103.60.
1800 units of AVV 8.25% at USD27.17.
1800 units of HSBC 8% at USD27.17.

Excess liquidity is still above USD100k at this point in time, which I feel is a very comfortable buffer. I will probably continue adding securities into this portfolio whenever I spot anything interesting.

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