Friday, February 21, 2014

Newbie's IB Portfolio - Problems Encountered

1. There is a wrong realised P&L of -$152k. I have not closed any positions, so why is there a realised P&L?

This was eventually fixed by IB by passing a dummy Buy trade for 150k Leighton bonds at a price of 0.

2. Current Initial Margin is wrong. Simple calculations would be:

16% of $152k Leighton = 24.32k
30% of $5k IDG = 1.5k
30% of $5k HSEB = 1.5k
30% of $5k HSEA = 1.5k
30% of $5k AVV = 1.5k

TOTAL = 30.32k

Yet the screen is showing 27.29k.

Yesterday before I did the trade on IDG and HSEA, the margin impact calculator displayed 1% Initial Margin requirements for IDG and HSEA. The margin impact calculator appears to be fixed now (requires 30% Initial Margin now).