Sunday, March 28, 2010

My PSBP price tracking (Updated)

I just got some shares of Bluechips through PSBP for the month of December 2008. There was a change in plan as I decided to purchase only Capitaland and SGX through the program. I managed to buy Keppel Corp earlier with a lump sum investment at an attractive price.

I heard many PSBP investors have expressed their concerns that poems allocated them with unfair unit prices. According to these investors, the allocated unit price is always close to the high price of the day for each counter. I decided to track the price of my purchases through PSBP to see if the allegation is really true. You can see a table of my purchases below.

DateCounterUnit Price Day Low Day High
18-Dec-08SGX$5.39 $5.30 $5.43
18-Dec-08Capitaland$2.86 $2.81 $3.07
19-Jan-09SGX$5.21 $5.17 $5.29
19-Jan-09Capitaland$2.79 $2.76 $2.82
18-Feb-09SGX$4.83 $4.77 $4.99
18-Feb-09Capitaland$2.70 $2.63 $2.71
18-Mar-09SGX$4.78 $4.74 $4.82
20-Apr-09Capitaland$2.81 $2.77 $2.88
20-Apr-09SGX$6.11 $6.04 $6.16
18-May-09Capitaland$2.97 $2.94 $3.17
18-May-09SGX$6.73 $6.71 $6.96
18-Jun-09SGX$7.11 $7.05 $7.20
20-Jul-09SGX$7.44 $7.40 $7.73
19-Aug-09SGX$8.28 $8.24 $8.50
18-Sep-09SGX$8.62 $8.54 $8.68
19-Oct-09SGX$8.33 $8.30 $8.40
19-Nov-09SGX$8.18 $8.09 $8.21
18-Dec-09Starhub$2.06 $2.05 $2.10
18-Jan-10Starhub$2.17 $2.15 $2.18
18-Feb-10Starhub$2.10 $2.08 $2.11
18-Mar-10Starhub$2.24 $2.23 $2.25


Anonymous said...

I checked up my PSBPf or the last six months for STI ETF and the unit price was in between the Low price and the High price.

I suppose one cannot expect the broker to get in at the low price.

Mike Dirnt said...

is that true? i received feedbacks from a forum that some investors were unhappy with the prices for STI ETF. so thats why i want to track the other stocks myself

Anonymous said...

Mike Dirnt,
I followed your method and came out with this:

Date Unit Price Day Low Day High
18/9 $2.4238 $2.40 $2.50
20/10 $1.9905 $1.99 $2.06
18/11 $1.8301 $1.78 $1.83
18/12 $1.86 $1.84 $1.86
19/1 $1.84 $1.83 $1.86
18/2 $1.69 $1.67 $1.71

I suppose I don't feel the pinch because the amount I invest each month is minimum.

Mike Dirnt said...

yes you see on the 18/11 and 18/12. They are on the high of the day especially on the 18/11 which was $1.8301. The high for the day is max $1.83

I find the price a bit unfair. I believe its got to do with the investment amount and liquidity of that particular stock. The investment amount is the cumulated amount from all investors

Mike Dirnt said...

i should replace volume of the day instead of liquidity