Thursday, March 12, 2009

Balance sheet of STI stocks - 31 Dec 08 (Updated)

By now most of the bluechips have reported their earning results for end of FY2008. There were mixed earning results as some do well while others don’t.

I think we got to accept the fact that a company may remain unprofitable for a few quarters but most important question is can they survive the crisis? Some companies may take opportunities to buy assets at depressed levels during current environment. Some companies may choose to sit tight and improve their costs of operation to ride through the crisis. The bottom line is it all depends on the health of the companies’ balance sheet. A company with good cash on hands and lower debt are more likely to come out stronger than others in future.

I decided to compile a list to show the net gearing and cash & cash equivalent per share of all the STI stocks. I have intentionally left out the banks as they got a different method to calculate how well their capitalisations are. Some of the companies are not there because I can’t find their latest results yet from Reuters.

Just for your information, I have used the following formulas to calculate.
Net Gearing = (Total Debt – Cash & Cash Equivalents) / Total Equity
Net Cash & Cash Equivalent per Share = (Cash & Cash Equivalents - Total Debt) / Shares

From the list, I hope you can figure out which companies are better capitalised. For example, take a look at Genting. The company has reported successive quarters after quarters of losses. But despite of all the negative earnings, its balance sheet is still healthy afterall.

StockCurrencyC&C (M) Total Debt Total Equity Shares (M)Net GearingNet C&C per Share Ending Period
CAPITALAND SGD$4,228.40 $9,829.30 $10,681.70 3,445.230.52$(1.63)4Q2008
CAPMALL TRUST SGD$173.10 $3,202.20 $4,079.60 1,817.080.74$(1.67)4Q2008
CITY DEVELOPMENT LTDSGD$795.60 $4,146.70 $5,429.70 954.30.62$(3.51)4Q2008
COSCO CORP SGD$1,568.40 $188.80 $1,165.50 955.3-1.18$1.44 3Q2008
FRASER & NEAVE SGD$1,213.20 $5,297.90 $5,230.00 1,389.650.78$(2.94)4Q2008
GENTING INTL SGD$1,068.60 $1,405.90 $2,737.70 9,637.740.12$(0.03)4Q2008
GOLDEN AGRI - RESOURCESUSD$146.40 $553.90 $4,613.70 9,975.900.09$(0.04)4Q2008
HONGKONG LAND USD$1,119.00 $3,719.50 $11,313.30 2,276.600.23$(1.14)4Q2008
JARDINE C&C USD$843.30 $2,175.50 $2,262.70 355.70.59$(3.75)4Q2008
JARDINE MATH 400 USD$2,252.00 $3,971.00 $8,248.00 3530.21$(4.87)4Q2008
JARDINE STR 500 USD$1,896.00 $3,598.00 $9,705.00 6190.18$(2.75)4Q2008
KEPPEL CORP SGD$2,575.70 $1,970.20 $4,596.20 1,587.48-0.13$0.38 4Q2008
KEPPEL LAND SGD$626.40 $2,121.80 $2,442.60 720.880.61$(2.07)4Q2008
NOBLE GROUP USD$1,318.20 $2,556.10 $1,851.20 3,254.770.67$(0.38)4Q2008
NOL LTD USD$293.20 $1,086.40 $2,604.80 1,469.370.30$(0.54)3Q2008
OLAM INTER SGD$1,077.40 $3,493.90 $964.80 1,735.562.50$(1.39)3Q2008
SEMBCORP INDUSTRYSGD$2,400.90 $808.30 $2,594.20 1,788.80-0.61$0.89 4Q2008
SEMBCORP MARINE SGD$2,054.00 $346.00 $1,318.00 2,065.94-1.30$0.83 4Q2008
SGX SGD$625.30 $18.10 $660.90 1,071.41-0.92$0.57 4Q2008
SIA ENGINEERINGSGD$270.00 $0.80 $1,131.10 1,078.00-0.24$0.25 4Q2008
SIA LTD SGD$5,578.60 $1,656.70 $14,532.20 1,194.83-0.27$3.28 4Q2008
SPHSGD$978.80 $743.80 $2,050.60 1,460.14-0.11$0.16 4Q2008
SINGTELSGD$1,233.10 $8,253.90 $19,161.00 15,951.400.37$(0.44)4Q2008
ST ENGINEERINGSGD$819.50 $904.90 $1,580.40 3,058.540.05$(0.03)4Q2008
STARHUB SGD$126.90 $913.70 $102.60 1,718.617.67$(0.46)4Q2008
WILMAR INTL USD$3,747.80 $5,573.20 $9,606.50 6,385.680.19$(0.29)4Q2008
YANLORD LAND SGD$384.00 $1,500.30 $1,869.30 1,956.150.60$(0.57)4Q2008

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